Product Detail

Resin / Acrylic

CHEMTAN® R-74 An acrylic resin used for tightening the grain and filling particularly in the flanks. A level of 3-5% can be used in conjunction with CHEMTAN® E-33 to achieve more softness, or can be used alone for firmer leathers. Concentration 30% actives, with a pH of 6.2. The form is a slightly viscous translucent liquid. * Also manufactured in China for the Asian market. liquid 30% 6.2 anionic
CHEMTAN® R-74LC Slightly lower viscosity version of acrylic resin like CHEMTAN® R-74, but easier for bulk distribution. Used for softening and filling particularly in the more open areas of the flank and belly. liquid 30% 5.5 anionic
CHEMTAN® R-151 Acrylic resin used for organic retannage of chrome tanned leather. It provides softening and filling particularly in the more open areas. It is suitable for use in the manufacture of water resistant leathers. It is widely used in Nappa leather particularly the milled version. liquid 28% 7.0 anionic