About Us
Chemtan Company Inc. specializes in developing and promoting waterproofing products for all kinds of leathers, and also maintains a full range of products for processing leather from beam house through finishing.

Chemtan was founded in 1948, and fully integrated our operations under one roof in 1958 located in a small coastal New England town of Exeter New Hampshire.

Chemtan Company Inc. from its formation until today remains a privately owned company consisting of directors/shareholders who have always been required to be full time employees.

Today our operations span two locations. Exeter NH for product development, manufacturing, and sales. Recently since 2015, in Lee, New Hampshire our new facility is located 16 miles from Exeter where our finished goods are located for shipping, and our customer service staff operate. Public warehousing in the Milwaukee area continues to be an important supply point for our Midwest, and Southwest customers.

The USA market continues to be a very important part of our business in spite of the mass exodus of shoe manufacturing and leather producers to overseas markets for the past 25 plus years.

Today, we market and sell our products worldwide into 33 plus countries. Our products can be found in all kinds of leather goods, shoes and boots sold by all the major brands. Timberland, Wolverine, Vanity Fair, and even Louis Vuitton.

It is not too difficult for us to be distracted by our size or multiple divisions, as we have only one line of business - Chemicals for leather and primarily made in the USA. Our focus on customer service has always been one of the hallmarks of our success because of our highly dedicated long serving employees who have always been our greatest asset.