Product Detail


CHEMOL® 2W Alkaline emulsion of natural oils used typically for hand sewn moccasin and other types where good stand-up is required. Produces leather requiring a mellow to firm temper, good roundness, and stand-up with tight grain break. Good grain surface lubrication. paste 43% 9.0
CHEMOL® 123D A chlorinated fatty ester Neat’s foot oil replacement and must be used in conjunction with other fatliquors. It can be used to reduce formation of fatty acid spew, and or can be used to improve grain strength. This product has no emulsifying capacity and must be used with other fatliquors. liquid 100% 2.0
CHEMOL® 195T A bisulfited marine oil for producing softer leathers like garment, upholstery or milled nappa. Can also be used for suede leathers to include shoe and garment split leathers. Produces leather with a mellow to soft temper. Excellent electrolyte stability, relatively good color value, improved tensile strength, and rich to medium surface feel. Highly concentrated product. liquid 80% 7.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 217 A blend of 2/3 natural oil, and1/3 synthetic oil. A versatile, economic workhorse fatliquor for shoe upper leathers. Leathers made are mellow to firm temper with good stand-up, and tight grain break. liquid 70% 6.0~7.0
CHEMOL® 236 Highly sulfated synthetic and natural sperm oil replacement and can be used as an all-purpose oil, or blended with other fatliquors. Produces leather with a round, soft, fluffy feel with excellent grain tightness, and good lightfastness. liquid 72% 6.5 anionic
CHEMOL® 276 A blend of 2/3 natural oil and 1/3 synthetic oil. It is a versatile fatliquor for shoe upper production. Mellow to firm temper. Good roundness and stand-up. Good stability. Tight break. liquid 70% 6.0~7.0
CHEMOL® 287MV Blended mixture natural oils, greases, and wax. Used as replacement for hot stuffing oils. It produces full, rich feeling heavyweight leather with good break and mellow temper capable of supporting an oiling off system that will be permanently rich feeling or with superior pull-up characteristics. liquid 80~85% 6.0~6.7 anionic
CHEMOL® 289 A high quality solvent oil for the fatliquoring of soft leathers, where a low density or fluffy feel is desired. Additionally it gives a very uniformly clean grain to the leather, making it especially useful in white leathers and aniline colored leathers. It produces low density leather with round, soft, tight, fluffy feel and a very clean surface. liquid 6.5 anionic
CHEMOL® 290M Cationic blend of natural and synthetic oils. Used as cationic topping oil for plate release. Topping oil to provide surface richness on full grain and suede leather. For wet- stuffed leathers to provide richness by exhausting the anionic stuffing oils. For pre-fatliquoring to improve softness and fullness for milled leathers. For finish spray applications diluted with water to increase surface feel. paste 60% 3.5
CHEMOL® 308NE A synthetic blend of sulfited and sulfated oils, and this product is NPEO and APEO free. Used for the production of softer leathers like garment, upholstery, and nappa requiring a mellow to soft temper. Relatively dry surface feel, and light and fluffy for low density leathers. liquid 70% 6.0~7.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 369H A blend of natural and synthetic oils for making soft leathers. Typically used as the main fat liquor in upholstery, garment, and hard shelled leathers such as pigskin. Imparts a neutral odor in the leather, produces level dyeing, and minimal bleaching. Also compatible with most other fat liquors. liquid 64~68% 6.0~7.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 414 A sulfated and sulfited lecithin based fatliquor for soft leathers such as garment and furniture leathers. Produces lightweight leathers which are soft and fluffy. liquid 80% 5.5~6.5 anionic
CHEMOL® 421 A lanolin based fatliquor used in conjunction with normal fatliquors to improve surface feel richness. Improves softness and feel including higher tensile strength. paste 52% 6.0~7.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 432 Blend of natural and synthetic oils, softeners, and emulsifiers. Fatliquoring system suitable for use in the production of upholstery, floater, garment and other very soft leathers. It is a low cost fatliquoring system, which produces level dyeing with a low degree of bleaching. Very light, soft leather with waxy surface feel. Neutral odor. liquid 57% 6.7 anionic
CHEMOL® 444 This oil is derived from a bean producing legume. As a natural renewable resource it also is of considerable interest for producing “Green leathers” marketed as Eco friendly. This product has very high fixation properties and can be used in the neutralization, retanning, or as the main fatliquor 8-16% level for soft milled low density leathers. Combined SO3 level from 4.5 to 6.0%. Due to the high degree of sulfation this product can carry additional raw oils. liquid 75% 6.5 anionic
CHEMOL® 451M Highly sulfated oil based on natural vegetable materials. Ideally used as the main fat liquor for low cost leather linings. It also can be used as an all purpose fatliquor alone or in combination with other raw oils or fatliquors to produce a round, soft, fluffy leather. This product is highly sulfated, SO3 content 4-5%. Also capable of carrying other raw oils in a water/oil emulsion. Completely bio-degradable. Requires pre mixing before use. liquid 70% 6.0~7.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 456 A unique blend, of solvent oil, plus natural, sulfated oils, and lubricating syntans. This versatile, main fatliquor is suitable for making a wide range of leathers including tight, soft, nappa style leathers. Moderate SO3 level 3-4%. Requires pre mixing before use. liquid 60% 7.5
CHEMOL® 478 Non-Yellowing anionic Synthetic fatliquor. Recommended use is for processing all types of soft leathers especially garment and upholstery.Good penetration, fullness and cloth like feel.
Very lightweight leather and drum soft effect.
liquid 45% 6.0~7.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 499 Blend of fats, waxes and oils. It is a special fatliquor used as ”wet stuffing compound”, for semi stuffed and pull up leathers. Waxy surface. Full handle. Tight break. Improved strength. paste 100% 6.0 cationic
CHEMOL® 524 NE This product is a a high quality solvent oil replacement NPEO free used for soft leathers requiring low density or a fluffy feel. Especially useful in making white leathers and aniline colored leathers by producing a uniformly clean grain. A range of leathers can be made from soft milled cow leather which looks like deerskin to Handbag leather requiring a tight, soft, clean grain. liquid 70% 6.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 549 NEW Petroleum based waxes and oils, plus small amount of natural oil. Used as a special fatliquor,” wet stuffing compound”, for semi stuffed and pull up leathers. Natural surface feel with pull up after polish or plating. Full handle. Tight break. Improves grain strength. paste 100% 6.0~8.0 non-ionic
CHEMOL® 589 Hot melt oil and wax based compound used as an oiling compound for all types of leathers to include waterproof leathers. It produces dry surface feel and vibrant pull-up effect and leather with a dark surface while maintaining water resistance properties. solid 100%
CHEMOL® 604 As an anionic fatliquor to produce soft, tight, water-resistant leathers. Achieve high level of softness and tightness with a silky touch, without affecting finishing paste 7.0~8.0
CHEMOL® 696 Highly concentrated lecithin oil with special emulsifiers recommended for use in soft lightweight leather such as garment, upholstery and nappa leathers with rich soft feel. It is specialily suited for automotive and aircraft upholstery leather due to its very low free-fatty acid content which produces leathers with extremely low fogging properties. liquid 96% 6.8
CHEMOL® 706 This product is a natural blend of lecithin oil, and sulfated oils. produces a very soft, silky feel for low density leathers. Suitable for use in garment, upholstery, and nappa leathers, and can be applied in neutralization, retanning or together with other fatliquors. Has a very high fixation property. A dilution temp with water at 60C of at least 3:1 is needed. paste 50% 7.0
CHEMOL® 707 A neatsfoot oil used for internal lubrication to improve grain strength and internal lubrication of the fibers. Generally used at a 1-2% level together with the main fatliquor. 30 degree cold test, pour point 32 degrees, and 36 degrees cloud point. 1% maximum free fatty acid content. liquid
CHEMOL® 717 Sulfonated fish oil. Best suited for the production of soft upper leathers. Deep uniform softness and good grain tightness. Uniform dyeing with minimal effect on shade. Rich surface feel. Excellent tensile strength. It is stable to electrolytes. liquid 60% 6.0~7.0 anionic
CHEMOL® 888 CONC A sulfated synthetic blend recommended for fur skins and wool on sheepskins. It can be used in all phases of processing such as, pickle, tan, retan, and fatliquoring. This can also be used in the production of garment and nubuck leathers as a softener, or stabilizer for unstable fatliquor mixtures. liquid 90% 6.5 anionic
CHEMTAN® R-180 A blend of natural and synthetic oils compounded with special softening polymerspecifically developed for making automotive leathers. It produces a nice soft crust with good uniformity and color value. It will also meet all test requirements of the automotive industry. It is the only fatliquor required in the retan to make top tier automotive crust leathers. liquid 35% 7.0~7.5 non-ionic