Product Detail

Buffer & Neutralizer

CHEMTAN® A-55 A synthetic complex amino alcohol based on oxazolidine and is used as an aldehyde donor. It can be used in combination with chrome tannages for hides or used together with organic retannages, especially for perspiration resistant and water resistant leathers. liquid 100% 9.0 anionic
CHEMTAN® A-58 A cyclic amine compound which acts as an aldehyde donor. Used in combination with chrome tannages, and can be used for all types of leathers especially for perspiration and water resistant leathers. Used for high performance leathers to improve uniformity. A highly concentrated product with 66% activity, mildly anionic, and a pH of 11.0 liquid 66% 11.0 mildly anionic
CHEMTAN® N-34R A high purity grade of magnesium oxide with specific reactivity for controlled alkali release. CHEMTAN® N-34R has the smallest particle size and the fastest rate of reactivity in the series of basification products Used in chrome tannage for pH control during basification without spiking. 0.25% of CHEMTAN® N-34R replaces 1% of sodium bicarbonate. powder
CHEMTAN® N-36 Used for neutralizing blue stock to mask, and basify. Also used as an agent for mineral retannages to aid in the penetration of anionic retanning materials. Depending on the final pH desired apply 2-5% either alone or with other neutralizing agents. * Also manufactured in China for the Asian market. liquid 25% 6.5
CHEMTAN® T-25P A neutralizing syntan for neutralizing blue stock, and penetrates completely and uniformly yielding a pH of approximately of 4.5. Bleaches chrome leather and promotes level dyeing and color uniformity. Improves grain smoothness, filling, softening, and temper uniformity. powder 98% 4.6 anionic
MAGOX® 98 HR Synthetic high purity grade of magnesium oxide produced from deep well brine. Used in the chrome tannage for control during basification without spiking. 0.25% of MAGOX® 98 HR replaces 1% of sodium bicarbonate.