Product Detail

GreenTan® Products

GreenTan® C Highly Concentrated Tanning Agent for Wet White Tannages. It is a novel tanning agent for leather specifically for wet white tannages. This tannage system reduces acid swelling and protects the fibers during the pickle. It allows for the reduction or elimination of salt typically required in the pickle. When used in conjunction with other GreenTan® products it further improves the strength and leather characteristics of Wet White. It produces white leather stock with minimal to no yellowing and also improves shrink temperature compared to typical aldehyde, aluminum tans. powder 99% 7.0
GreenTan® ET 100% naturally derived condensed tannin for production of vegetable tanned leathers and retanning of chrome tanned leathers. It improves fullness, break, and buffability. It also improves plating, and embossing print retention. Provides fuller, brighter, more vibrant colors than comparable extracts. Higher tannin content with low astringency allows for reduced application amounts. powder
GreenTan® M-5 A wet white, chrome free tanning agent. It produces leathers or white leather stock with minimal to no yellowing. Improved shrink temperature compared to typical aldehyde, aluminum tans. powder 99%
GreenTan® N-90 A dibastic acid mixture used as ammonia free deliming agent and for final pH adjustment prior to bating. It results in a buffered deliming of hides and also reduces the amount of nitrogen effluent by 100% in deliming bath. powder 100%
GreenTan® T-22M Powder synthetic replacement tanning agent. Condensation of sulfone and aromatic sulfonic acids. It is is compatible with all vegetable & synthetic tanning materials and is not sensitive to salt. It has a wide range of applications in retans; both on chrome tanned and vegetable tanned leathers. powder 7.5
GreenTan® R-5K A bio-based polymeric acid for organic retannage of chrome tanned leather. It is 100% bio-based with excellent binding capacity to metal ions and the excellent thermal stability. powder 85% 5.2