Product Detail

Specialty Chemical

CHEMTAN® 440A Hydrophobic silicone defoamer. Defoaming of floats in water resistant retans. Reduction of foam leads to improved chemical distribution and exhaustion resulting in more consistent leather character and performance. The product will not negatively affect water resistance. liquid 100%
CHEMTAN® CR-1 Removes residual calcium on the bluestock surface, and can be used for both waterproof and non waterproof leathers. The following chemical additions in the retan, coloring, and fatliquoring are found to be less likely to precipitate on the surface which typically has a negative influence highlighting defects and poor color uniformity. When applied at a 1- 2% level as a pre wash cleaner, brighter, and more uniform coloring is obtained. Dye levelness, color uniformity, and dye penetration are markedly improved. liquid 39% 10.5
CHEMTAN® ECO-FIX It is a fixative for leathers in fixing dyes and retan chemicals, fatliquors and hydrophobic resins and silicones. It produces brighter cleaner colors and smooth grain. The product has no acid smell. liquid 100%
CHEMTAN® M-55 A brominated flame retardant used to make leather flame resistant. Use of this product will result in leather which will not support combustion. This product has a minimal effect on temper and water resistance. Can be used in the drum, or sprayed together with finish mixes, or added to the dry mill as a spray mist. liquid 44% 9.5~10.0 anionic
CHEMTAN® R-227 A unique, spherical shaped retanning polymer, which provides filling and whitening, smooth flat grain character and improves color brightness and cleanliness. The product is formaldehyde free. liquid 30% 8.3 anionic
CHEMTAN® R-20 Blend of polyphosphate and alkali metal salts to sequester iron and hardness, preventing discoloration. Especially useful in heavy extract retans. Effectively protects the leather from iron stains and produces clean, bright colors. powder 99% 3.0~3.4