Product Detail

Beam & Tan / Biocide

AMICAL® Used as an antifungal agent for chrome tanned leathers to protect leathers from mold and, mildew during wet processing wet blue during long storage and transportation periods encountered when exporting. Amical is available in dry and liquid forms in three concentrations: Amical® 48 a fine tan powder with 95% activity. Amical® WP is a fine tan powder with improved dispersability with 46% activity. Amical® Flowable is a tan liquid suspension with 40% activity. powder
CHEMTAN® A-58 A cyclic amine compound which acts as an aldehyde donor. Used in combination with chrome tannages, and can be used for all types of leathers especially for perspiration and water resistant leathers. Used for high performance leathers to improve uniformity. liquid 66% 11.0 mildly anioic
CHEMTAN® A-64 A mixture containing glutaraldehyde used as chrome- free, pretanning agent. Produces leathers with high shrink temperatures without the use of heavy metals. liquid 55% 4.0 nonionic
CHEMTAN® B-4 An enzyme based soaking assist used for soaking all types of hides and skins. Improves layout and increases yield. Helps with the release of oil, grease, scud and dirt. Improves uniformity of liming, and unhairing. powder 8.0
CHEMTAN® B-52 A concentrated Enzyme blend used for retanning of all types of leathers. Improves layout and dyeing uniformity. Increases cutting yield. Contributes to an opening up of the fiber structure. Aids in the development of a large pebble milling pattern when producing floater type leathers. powder 9.5
CHEMTAN® M-5 A wet white, chrome free tanning agent as a leather alternative tan for: Chrome/Zirconium/Titanium/Aldehydes or Syntans. Produces leathers a white leather stock with minimal to no yellowing. Improved shrink temperature compared to typical aldehyde, aluminum tans. powder 99% 5.5 cationic
CHEMTAN® M-35 Highly soluble form of Zirconium Sulfate used for all white tannages, retanning chrome tanned leathers, and as a metal cap for waterproof systems. Firms and tightens leathers and changes certain fatliquors from hydrophilic to hydrophobic. . powder
CHEMTAN® M-88 Inorganic retanning agent used before neutralization alone or together with chrome. Produces leather with better fullness and grain tightness, and is particularly useful in filling the pockets. powder 99% 3.2 cationic
CHEMTAN® Unhairing Assist FR-62 An aliphatic amine used with the lime and sulfide for faster, cleaner hair removal. Improves the solubility of lime for more uniform swelling. Allows reduced amounts of sulfide resulting in lower BOD and COD in the effluent. Applied during the normal lime/relime. Minimizes fat wrinkles and drawn grain. liquid 30% 9.5
PHMB P20D A liquid antimicrobial agent used in conjunction with Chemtan® Z-15AQ to prevent bacterial attack during brine curing and short term preservation of fresh hides. It is a quick kill bactericide with low environmental toxicity. liquid 20% 4.5 cationic
ZENITH® 388 A new non-TCMTB antifungal agent developed for the preservation of leather stock against
mold attack. It is used for the protection of pickled, wet blue, wet white stock, vegetable-tanned, crust and finished leather. It is effective against a wider range of fungal species than TCMTB based fungicides. The product is formulated to easily disperse in tanning liquors.
CHEMTAN® Z-15AQ A Liquid antimicrobial agent used to prevent bacterial attack during brine curing, short term preservation of fresh hides, hide soaking, in finishes and for paste preservation. liquid