Product Detail

Top Coat

CHEMTAN® TC-990 Waterborne polyurethane patent finish top coat used for patent finishes and leathers where a high gloss top is required. Can be used at 100% or cut with water for and other topcoats to change the appearance and luster. Forms medium hard film that produces a very shiny surface with a dry feel. Very good flexibility and clarity. liquid 34~36% 8.0~9.0
CHEMTAN® TC-3183 Modified aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. Used as a top coat where a bright, high gloss top is required. Excellent flow-out for level, evenly distributed films. This product has very good adhesion and fastness properties. liquid 19~21% 8.5~9.5
CHEMTAN® TC-3450/M A water based top coat used for upholstery, garment, and other soft leathers. Excellent fastness properties with good dry and wet rub. No external cross linker is required. Dries to a semi dull matt yielding a soft, pleasant natural feel.
CHEMTAN® TC-3542 Waterborne polyurethane top coat used for aniline and two tone effects. Can also be used as intermediate coat with the ice pigments. Excellent adhesion values with very good flow and leveling. Dries to a bright, soft, uniform film with great clarity. It will carry small amounts of pigment and is specially formulated for use with the Chemtan Ice pigments to produce vibrant colors without overloading the grain. liquid 13~15% 8.0~9.0
CHEMTAN® TC-W Waterborne polyurethane topcoat designed for automotive upholstery but can also be used on nappa type products. Dries to medium matt luster and gives excellent physical testing results that can be further enhanced with the use of cross-linking agents. liquid 18% 7.5~8.5