Product Detail


CHEMTAN® PU-88 A water emulsion of semi-soft aliphatic polyurethane designed for shoe and furniture upholstery leathers. Produces a very strong film with excellent mechanical resistance. Forms a uniform finish with soft touch. Suitable for semi-soft leathers, with improved taber abrasion. liquid 34~36% 7.5~8.5 anionic
CHEMTAN® PU-3024 Aqueous aromatic polyurethane used mainly as an auxiliary to improve the adhesion between layers and to adhere the finish to the leather. It forms a very soft, sticky and very adhesive film. liquid 20% 7.5~8.5
CHEMTAN® PU-9382 A soft water based polyurethane designed to be used as a heat seal adhesive for leather, vinyl, polyester, foils, and other substrates. It is heat activated. It can also be used as a base sealer. It can be cross-linked to improve adhesion on tough substrates. liquid 35~38% 7.0~9.0