Product Detail

Finish Silicones

CHEMTAN® S-40 A functional silicone polymer used for post treatment of water resistant leathers to improve maeser flexes and static water absorption. Application amounts may vary from 4-8 grams/sq foot applied without heat on the roller coater. To insure penetration IPA maybe necessary by diluting the CHEMTAN® S-40 1:1 especially when fluorocarbon maybe present in the crust. CHEMTAN® S-40 is reactive to moisture and thus will be rendered ineffective prior to, or during application. liquid 100%
CHEMTAN® S-43New A silicone polymer for water repellant post treatment in finishing for water proof leathers. This product does not negatively affect the water vapor permeability properties of the base crust. Compatible to use with other oiling off compounds.. Can be applied with a curtain coater, or spray application as is on nubuck, or 1:1 dilution with mineral spirits on full grain. Has a minimal influence on surface color. liquid 50%