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Chemtan, headquartered in Exeter, New Hampshire, USA, is an international leader in developing, producing and marketing chemicals for the leather tanning industry. We specialize in American Style Specification Leather.
Our Product Line Includes:

Antique Football Shoes

Chemtan M-88 is a an inorganic retanning agent used before neutralization alone or together with chrome. Produces leather with better fullness and grain tightness, and is particularly useful in filling the pockets.

Chemtan A-58  A cyclic amine compound which acts as an aldehyde donor. Used in combination with chrome tannages, and can be used for all types of leathers especially for perspiration and water resistant leathers. Used for high performance leathers to improve uniformity.

Chemol 456RS CompliantRS Compliantis a unique blend, of solvent oil, plus natural, sulfated oils, and lubricating syntans. This versatile, main fatliquor is suitable for making a wide range of leathers including tight, soft, nappa style leathers.

Hiking Boots

Chemtan R-146 is a Water resistant retanning polymer and wax used for the production of high performance water resistant leathers. Used for waterproof pull-ups, wetstuffs, and wax tops. Excellent dynamic, and static water resistance. Good light and washfastness properties. Produces a full, tight, smooth grain leather with a waxy feel and a pull up effect.

Chemol 374 RS Compliant is a synthetic oil and wax based compound used for oiling off all types of leathers including waterproof. Rich surface feel with some pull up affect can be obtained. Typical application on a heated roll coater, or can be cut with solvent and applied by spraying.

Shoes & Handbag

Chemtan R-350 Is an economical water resistant product, designed to be chrome stable. Chemtan R-350 can be used as a standalone prefat, or in combination with the main fat to reduce overall cost. The product has very good dynamic and static water resistance, wicking, low extractable, and good light and wash fastness.

Chemtan R-97 New is used in the production of soft water resistant leathers. Suitable for both light and heavyweight leathers and can also be used in the production of washable and other non water resistant leathers. Excellent dynamic and static water resistance, low extractables, and good lightfastness. Produces soft, millable, full leathers.

Chemol 586 is used as an oiling compound for all types of leathers to include waterproof leathers.Dry surface feel and vibrant pull-up effect. Maintains water resistance. CHEMOL® 586 is applied to buffed or full grain leather after staking and is used as is without dilution.


Chemtan R-129F RS Compliant is a polymer dispersion for in-drum application for filling, and tightenng split suede, ovine, and bovine. For grain tightening. For improved buffing.

Chemtan R-1 RS Compliantis a new resin based polymer which improves grain break, and is a dispersant for retanning materials and fat liquors to improve surface color uniformity for nubucks and full grain leathers especially waterproof.

Chemtan S-52 RS Compliant This is a water resistant retanning fatliquor containing silicone polymers. It is used to produce high performance water resistant leathers, and suitable for light and heavy weight leathers. Has excellent dynamic and static water resistance, low extractables. lightfast and heatfast. Produces tight, smooth grained, full leathers.

Chemol 385 RS Compliant is used as an oiling off compound for leather application which produces darker surface color. Rich feel with black surface color. Maintains water resistance without compromising maser flexes. Excellent for darkening nu-bucks. Will also produce pull up effect on full grains and will not crock once dried.

Donald T. Pine, President
June 2015

Over 65 years ago in 1948 Chemtan Company was established opening the Port Washington, New York office by Mr. Rolf Quark and within the year an applications lab opened on East Hollis Street in Nashua NH. Chemtan Company Inc. eventually was consolidated under one roof in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1957.

Chemtan is a privately held, small company developing and manufacturing specialty products sold throughout the world into 33 countries today.

Chemtan's customers consist of an elite group of the largest most sophisticated leather producers in the world, who are extremely cognizant of, and in compliance with the worlds' most restrictive environmental regulations which exist. By association and extension Chemtan products are also held to highest of standards being part of the supply chain.

Our products very likely are in the shoes and boots you wear, and the belts and handbags at your side especially if the leathers required specialty type products to impart a higher level of functionality in wear, or performance.

Last year, September 2014 our past President, Mr. David Ouellette passed away after a three year battle with cancer.

One of the best ways to honor his memory was to establish a memorial scholarship fund to be awarded annually to a qualifying senior graduating from Exeter High school embarking on further education in a related field of science.

This year, 2015 award for the Chemtan-David Ouellette Memorial scholarship went to Hayden Casassa, who will be attending James Madison University this Fall, majoring in Biotechnology.

We are proud to be a part of the Exeter community for so many years, and look forward to many more.

Donald T. Pine

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New ProductsChemol® 586 RS Compliant - is the next generation of hard waterproof pull-up waxes. It was developed to address the inconstancy of measer flexes often seen with traditional paraffin’s. Chemol® 586 can be used on full grain leathers as well as corrected grain leathers to produce vibrant pull-up with a dark surface. It has excellent polishing properties and will also go dark when plated at high temperatures on a rotopress. It has a dry surface feel and can be used to make crazyhorse and pitstop like leathers as well as other industry known favorites.

CHEMTAN® M-70 - Extract Replacement Syntan Greatly enhances the fullness, solidity, and roundness of handle. CHEMTAN® M-70 is particularly useful in the production of shoe and boot leathers. Excellent stand up and print retention. Good dye penetration with markedly improved fixation through the leather cross-section. Above average light fastness and improved color value especially for Black Nubucks compared to extracts.

CHEMTAN R-180 - Next Generation Automotive and Upholstery Polymer A blend of sulfated and sulfited natural and synthetic oils compounded with a special softening polymer.

Chemtan® R-180 was specifically developed for making automotive leathers. It produces a nice soft crust with good uniformity and color value. It will also meet all test requirements of the automotive industry. It is the only fatliquor required in the retan to make top tier automotive crust leathers.

Uniformed dying, soft feel and great milling capabilities. Also has great print retention for embossing and leaves a sealed surface which helps aid the finishing process by holding the finish up on the surface. This allows for maximum coverage of the finish sprays without having to overload the grain.

MANCHESTER, N.H. – The Granite State Quality Councilannounced today that Chemtan Company, Inc. headquartered in Exeter, N.H. has earned recognition in the 2014 GSQC Awards and Recognition Program. READ MORE

Exeter, NH – Don Pine of Chemtan Company Inc. announced today that Chemtan Company, Inc. became members of the Founder’s Circle of the Community Investors League, with their donation to The Exeter Area YMCA. Chemtan President Don Pine stated that, “All of our employees work and live here in the seacoast area. They along with their families have been involved with The Exeter Area YMCA." READ MORE





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